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SonoVision ultrasound diagnostic simulator is a professional medical training tool. This virtual simulator is designed for developing and improving diagnostic medical sonographer skills. SonoVision is used by students and practitioners in clinics and hospitals. An ultrasound simulator is a great add-on to traditional healthcare education and professional development training.

The next-generation ultrasound simulator ensures the highest level of detail of internal organs imaging. An anatomically correct manikin provides realistic feel and imaging during scanning. The simulator offers more than 40 clinical scenarios.

The musculoskeletal structure of the torso is based on real Computed Tomography (CT) images. The skin is made of special silicone resistant to constant mechanical stress and the use of an ultrasound gel.

SonoVision - (2.1)
SonoVision - (2.2)
SonoVision - (2.3)

The system uses realistic imitators of ultrasound probes.

The highest level of detail in the internal organs imaging. Realistic feel

  • 3D model of organs displayed in a virtual reality window
  • Thorough medical history for each clinical case
  • Real-time ultrasound probe tracking
  • Ultrasound measurements and image optimization

The system uses realistic imitators of ultrasound probes.

The simulator is designed to support the learning of fundamentals and features of diagnostic ultrasound. Simulations are run in a realistic, fully-immersive and anatomically correct environment without putting patients at risk.

The software includes a set of training scenarios. Each scenario has a theoretical part with instructional materials and a practical part with a set of parameters. Students are expected to develop the most suitable course of action based on such parameters.

SonoVision - (4.1)
SonoVision - (4.2)


SonoVision Basic Skills - (5.1)
Basic skills module
SonoVision Ultrasound study module for abdominal organs - (5.2)
Ultrasound study module for abdominal organs and retroperitoneal space
SonoVision FAST - (5.3)
Focused assessment with sonography for trauma (FAST) skills trainingmodule
SonoVision TTE Mitral Stenosis - (5.4)
Transthoracic echocardiography (TTE) skills training module
SonoVision TEE - (5.5)
Transesophageal Echocardiography (TEE) skills training module
SonoVision Thyroid ultrasound scanning skills training module - (5.6)
Transthoracic Echocardiography (TTE) based on data from real patients training module
SonoVision TTE_Real - (5.7)
Thyroid ultrasound scanning skills training module
SonoVision Healthy female reproductive system - (5.8)
Gynecology basic skills training module
SonoVision The first trimester obstetrics skills - (5.9)
The first trimester obstetrics skills training module
SonoVision Myoma - (5.10)
Urinary bladder (female anatomy) and female pelvis (uterus, ovaries) ultrasound scanning skills training module with abdominal transducer

The virtual simulator for training practical skills in ultrasonography is a training simulator on a single platform for mastering basic skills in ultrasonography, understanding and identification of various diseases and pathologies of human internal organs.