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MedVision and Innosonian Announce New Partnership in US

Tampa, FL, June 17, 2021

MedVision, a global leader in patient and surgical simulators, is proud to announce they have signed a distribution agreement with Innosonian America, based in New Jersey, manufacturer of the widely acclaimed and award-winning Brayden range of CPR manikins and online self-directed learning platform.

MedVision, US headquartered in Tampa, Florida, will now distribute the Brayden adult, junior and baby CPR training portfolio in the United States, Canada and Latin America. This will complement MedVision’s line of high-fidelity patient simulators, to include adult Leonardo, pediatric Arthur and infant Mia.

MedVision will play a significant role in the next chapter of Innosonian’s expansion into the “Americas” market. Bringing Brayden’s LED-flow concept which produces blood circulation from the heart to the brain during chest compressions allows trainee to intuitively understand the principles of CPR and the effect of chest compressions. Students can quickly understand how real time changes in the flow of blood differ with adjusted compression technique with the LEDs guiding the trainee to perform perfect chest compressions.

Yulia Melnikova, CEO of MedVision says, “We are extremely happy to be working with Innosonian, whose leadership in the US has a wealth of knowledge and experience in healthcare training and simulation. We believe their range of products have an uncontested record of quality outcomes in CPR training and will nicely complement our high-fidelity simulation portfolio. This partnership will assist our customers in helping them achieve the highest standards in their healthcare education programs.”

Scott Spearn, Senior Vice President of Innosonian America says, “Innosonian America is very pleased to be working with the MedVision. The MedVision sales team are experienced and knowledgeable with a skill set that will significantly contribute to the promotion with our range of award-winning Brayden manikins, which can be easily adapted to the AHA, American Red Cross and ERC guidelines. The MedVision team will also help us to promote our new and innovative developments for teaching CPR (Brayden Online). These developments allow CPR training to be carried out safely and cost-effectively in COVID restricted times. Working together, we can make a difference to help improve the quality of CPR training, the quality of CPR delivered and patient outcome.”

About Innosonian America:
Innosonian America is a division of Innosonian, Inc., a global leader in the development of distinctive products and services to improve the educational effectiveness of people pursuing excellence in CPR. Through the award-winning range of Brayden CPR manikins, Brayden Online Self-Directed Learning platform and customer service we continue to be a trend leader in the field of medical education. Collaborating with resuscitation leaders we continuously strive to save every valuable life through CPR with a wish to make this world a place where precious lives are cared better.
Innosonian – Smart Evolution of CPR at

About MedVision
MedVision is a global company, committed to the advancement of educational excellence in quality healthcare through medical simulation. Our designs and leading-edge technologies define our range of adult, pediatric, infant patient simulators, surgical simulators and task trainers. We believe our line of high-fidelity simulation products are the most realistic, durable and versatile of any on the market. We are proud to work closely with healthcare professionals around the world to create successful simulation programs that impact the quality and safety of patient care and help improve patient outcomes. MedVisionSim at

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